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Will Sununu Join Congresswoman Liz Cheney at NHIOP Next Month?

Sununu Is Campaigning with Far-Right Extremist Paul LePage, But Has Made No Comment About Whether He’ll Join Trump Critic Liz Cheney in New Hampshire

Yesterday, Republican candidate for Governor Paul LePage announced that Chris Sununu will be campaigning for him in Maine this month, in a clear example of Sununu pandering to extremists in the Republican Party. Meanwhile, Sununu has not said whether he’ll join Congresswoman Liz Cheney at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics next month at an event honoring those who have protected the First Amendment. Congresswoman Cheney has been widely lauded for standing against Donald Trump’s lies about election fraud. “Will Sununu join Congresswoman Cheney next month at an event celebrating those who have worked tirelessly to protect our First Amendment rights, or does he only campaign exclusively with fringe Republicans like Paul LePage?” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. This Spring, Sununu refused to stand with Republican Governors Charlie Baker, Phil Scott, and Larry Hogan who voiced their support for Congresswoman Liz Cheney for speaking out against Donald Trump’s Big Lie. And in May, WMUR’s John DiStaso “received no reply” when he asked Sununu to comment on the House GOP Caucus ousting Cheney after the three other Republican Governors did.

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