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What Has Sununu Already Promised McConnell Behind Granite Staters’ Backs?

McConnell Crony Rick Scott Back in the Granite State Saying He Expects Sununu to Run for Senate

It sounds like Chris Sununu is already making promises to Mitch McConnell behind the backs of Granite Staters. Top McConnell Crony Rick Scott is back in the Granite State saying he expects Sununu to run for Senate. In an interview this morning with Jack Heath, Senator Rick Scott -- who repeatedly praised Sununu -- said he expects that Sununu will run for U.S. Senate. Sununu even confirmed that he is planning to see Scott in person this weekend. “What promises has Chris Sununu already made to Mitch McConnell behind the back of Granite Staters? Sununu has been playing coy with New Hampshire voters and reporters, evading and misleading them about his conversations with McConnell and allies, but it sure sounds like Sununu has let McConnell know that he stands firmly in his corner,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Chris Sununu has already outsourced his campaign to Mitch McConnell and his cronies.” Listen to the interview here and read a transcript of the interview below: HEATH [00:03:42] [...] But I imagine, I asked the governor if he'll be spending some time with you this week and I think he kind of said yes. But I said I'm sure the senator is going to want to know about your future plans. And I've always asking the governor if he's going to run for the Senate or not. I don't believe he's running for a fourth term for governor. But at some point, imagine you'll be speaking with the governor. And how much would you like him to run in the U.S. Senate to take on Senator Hassan if he gets the nomination? SCOTT [00:04:20] First of all, I think he would be an outstanding senator. He's a you know, Chris is a wonderful person. He cares deeply about this country. He's smart. He works hard. He knows you've got to live within your means. So he he would be a great U.S. senator. [...] So I hope Chris is get to the race. I think he would have a big win. And on top of that, it would make sure we get a majority back in the U.S. Senate, which we need to do. And he would do a great job representing the state of New Hampshire. HEATH [00:05:32] Do you expect he will run in the Senate for the Senate? SCOTT [00:05:35] I think I think he will because he's a patriot, he he knows he knows the problems of this country and he will I think I think he's gonna run. [...] [...] HEATH [00:10:12] Senator Scott coming this weekend and I'm sure his path will cross with Governor Sununu. Did I did I hear him say he expects Governor Sununu to run for the U.S. Senate? Did I? I heard that right.


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