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We Won’t Get Over It’: Portsmouth Leaders Blast Bolduc for Anti-Choice Extremism

The “We Won’t Get Over It” tour stopped in Portsmouth today, where Seacoast leaders responded to Don Bolduc telling Granite Staters to “get over” Republicans’ push for a national abortion ban, blasting his “utter disregard for Granite Staters.” At a press conference at Portsmouth Public Library, State Senator Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, Mayor Deaglan McEachern, Portsmouth Democrats Chair Shanika Amarakoon, and community leader Stefany Shaheen spoke out against Bolduc’s “out of touch” comments and his extreme anti-choice record, and made clear that reproductive rights are on the ballot this November.

“Don Bolduc wants women in New Hampshire to ‘get over’ the fact that Republicans in Washington are trying to end access to abortion and roll back our reproductive rights. And just yesterday, he said he doesn’t regret it,” said State Senator Rebecca Perkins Kwoka. “Don Bolduc telling us to ‘get over it’ is deeply out of touch with Granite Staters who are rightfully concerned about the future of reproductive health care, given the Republicans’ continued attacks on our rights.”

“Don Bolduc’s record makes it clear that, not only does he have complete and utter disregard for Granite Staters’ reproductive rights, but he would be an unequivocal yes vote to pass a national abortion ban. That is why — as a woman, as the mother of a daughter — it is so critical that we re-elect Senator Maggie Hassan,” said Portsmouth Democrats Chair Shanika Amarakoon.

“Bolduc’s record leaves no doubt that he would vote to take away a woman’s reproductive rights, turn around and say, ‘get over it.’ We’re not going to get over it here in New Hampshire, where a woman’s right to choose has historically been a bipartisan issue.” said Portsmouth Mayor Deaglan McEachern. “Here in the Live Free or Die state, we value a woman’s right to make a medical decision with her doctor, not her government.”

“I can tell you what Granite Staters are not going to do in the face of these unprecedented attacks on our reproductive rights is ‘get over it.’ This is about autonomy. This is about a woman having the right to decide what happens in her life, to her body and in her family.” said NHDP Executive Committee Member Stefany Shaheen. “We’re not going to ‘get over it.’ That’s why we’re here today: we want to remind people what’s at stake in this election and, I just want to say, the choice is really clear.”

Bolduc has said he would never vote against anti-choice legislation in the United States Senate and that New Hampshire’s abortion ban did not go far enough. And when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Don Bolduc said that Granite Staters should “rejoice.”


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