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We Found Chuck Morse’s Missing Policy Proposals

Tomorrow, Chuck Morse will officially launch his campaign for the United States Senate. Ever since Morse announced that he intended to run at the beginning of the month, he’s refused to lay out plans, say what his priorities will be as a candidate, or explain why he’s even running for Senate. In a devastating interview with WMUR, he said that he was “reluctant at this early stage to discuss specifics of his plan to show voters why he is the best candidate to represent New Hampshire in the U.S. Senate.” Since Chuck Morse refused to say what his priorities are, we’ve listed Morse’s “real” priorities below:

  1. Supporting Abortion Bans. Chuck Morse has been called the "expert" and "key architect" of the state budget that included the first abortion ban in modern New Hampshire history — which Morse shepherded into law. Morse recently doubled down on his extreme, anti-choice positions making it clear in an interview that he continues to strongly support his abortion ban and ending Roe v. Wade. Morse has explicitly stated that he would ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest.

  2. Defunding Planned Parenthood. Not only does Chuck Morse want to ban abortion, but he also wants to defund Planned Parenthood and deny critical reproductive health care services to thousands of Granite Staters. Morse voted to defund Planned Parenthood and said that family planning organizations that provide abortion services should be defunded. Mitch McConnell has repeatedly led efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, efforts that Morse would undoubtedly support if he were in the Senate.

  3. Taking Taxpayer Dollars From Public Schools and Raising Property Taxes. While Chuck Morse was the "key architect" of the first abortion ban in modern New Hampshire history, he also led efforts to pass a DeVos-esqe school voucher scheme that has already diverted millions of dollars from public schools to private schools while simultaneously raising property taxes by siphoning funds from local school districts. If Morse was in the US Senate, he would work with McConnell to further attack public education and raise taxes on Granite State families.

  4. Gutting Social Security and Medicare. During his time in the state legislature, Chuck Morse sponsored a bill that could raise the retirement age in New Hampshire and cut benefits for Medicare beneficiaries. Additionally, the bill Morse sponsored would allow New Hampshire to bypass the Affordable Care Act and other federal health care programs, which could allow state lawmakers to ignore federal mandates and cut back on medical coverage for vulnerable Granite Staters. If Morse was in the Senate, he would help Mitch McConnell achieve his long-held goal of cutting Social Security and Medicare for Granite Staters.

  5. Pleading Allegiance to Mitch McConnell. Chuck Morse already took a page out of Mitch McConnell’s playbook by hiring Jim Merrill, a former CCP-linked corporate lobbyist, to play a central role in his campaign. And even though McConnell already has his eyes on Morse, Morse will have to go even further by pledging allegiance to Mitch McConnell and his extreme agenda if he wants the support from McConnell’s National Republican Senatorial Committee.


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