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WATCH: Mike Pence Latest GOP Hopeful to Call for National Abortion Ban in New Hampshire

CONCORD, NH — In an interview with WMUR, Mike Pence pledged to impose a national abortion ban if elected, saying he’ll “look for ways to advance the sanctity of life at the national level.” After championing anti-abortion policies in the Trump-Pence administration, it’s no surprise that Pence is the latest GOP 2024 hopeful to pledge support for a national ban while in New Hampshire.

Pence’s comments come after Donald Trump, Tim Scott, and Asa Hutchinson all also recently said in New Hampshire that they would sign a national abortion ban.

As a reminder, Pence was the first Republican to call for a national abortion ban after Roe v. Wade was overturned and says the “greatest accomplishment” of the Trump-Pence administration was appointing the justices who voted to overturn Roe. Trump himself has said that he “was honored” to overturn Roe and that without him there would be no national 6-week abortion ban.


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