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WATCH: Chuck Morse Wants NH to Receive Less Funding to Expand and Improve High-Speed Internet

In a stunning development yesterday, New Hampshire Senate President Chuck Morse said that New Hampshire has received too much federal funding to improve and expand high-speed internet across the state. At a time when 11% of households across the state lack high-speed internet, Morse actually called for the state of New Hampshire to receive LESS infrastructure funding.


During the New Hampshire Senate Finance Committee meeting yesterday, Morse called for a 50 percent cut in funding for high-speed internet.

It’s just the latest example of Chuck Morse opposing the bipartisan infrastructure law that will help grow New Hampshire’s economy by repairing roads and bridges, expanding access to high-speed internet for 209,000 Granite Staters, ensuring clean water for communities, and investing in opportunities for passenger rail. The bill also provides New Hampshire with more funding per capita than more than half of the states in the country, including Massachusetts, New York, and California.


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