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VIDEO: Former Governor John Lynch on WMUR Defends FITN Legacy

In case you missed it, yesterday WMUR’s Adam Sexton talked to former Governor John Lynch to discuss the letter to President Biden that his longtime supporters, including Governor Lynch, signed urging the president to retain New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary status.

Watch the full video here.


Lynch: “I think time and time again New Hampshire has demonstrated that this is the way to go. So I think it hurts the whole nominating process. I also think it hurts President Biden’s chances in the general election.

Now we have 4 electoral votes — a small number of voters — but we are a purple state and our 4 votes matter. Some people forget that going back to 2000 if Al Gore had won New Hampshire, which he did not do because of Ralph Nader, he would’ve been president of the United States. He got up to 266 electoral votes, if he got 4 votes from New Hampshire he would’ve been president. So our 4 votes matter. And I think President Biden is putting those 4 electoral votes at risk.”

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