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Union Leader: Dems Seek Records On Sununu's Kentucky Trip

Union Leader: Dems Seek Records on Sununu's Kentucky Trip By Kevin Landrigan Key Excerpts:

Seeking to determine if Gov. Chris Sununu did any political business during his COVID-19 health care outreach visit to Kentucky on Monday, the New Hampshire Democratic Party lodged a broad request for records under the state’s Right-to-Know Law.

Party Chairman Raymond Buckley said the voters deserve to know whether “their tax dollars just funded a political trip to the Bluegrass State” — home to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has lobbied Sununu to run for the Senate in 2022.

“We are calling on the Sununu administration to release all documents related to this trip so that Granite Staters know what their governor was doing on the taxpayer’s time in Kentucky,” Buckley said.

[...] The Union Leader obtained a copy of the request, which seeks email contacts between Sununu’s office and groups allied with the GOP Senatorial Campaign Committee as well as all schedules, expense records and any taxpayer-paid reimbursement of costs during the one-day visit. The request will likely go well beyond the scope of this latest visit since it asks for all email contact from last June 1 to the present which contains phrases such as “McConnell” “Bluegrass” and “Rick Scott.” Scott is the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee and visited New Hampshire two weeks ago. [...] The Bluegrass Committee is McConnell’s political action committee that’s supporting GOP Senate hopefuls. “If any records are withheld or redacted, I request that you state the specific legal and factual grounds for withholding any documents or portions of documents,” Buckley wrote in his request sent to Sununu Chief of Staff Jayne Millerick, who joined the governor and six others on the Kentucky trip. “Please identify each document that falls within the scope of this request but is withheld from release.” Read the full story at the Union Leader.


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