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Three Questions Ahead of Trump’s Rally

Concord, N.H. -- Donald Trump is flying straight from his convention stage to Manchester, New Hampshire, today to help ensure Trump-endorsed Republican U.S. Senate candidate Corky Messner wins his September primary. Trump is reportedly obsessed with his win-loss record on primary endorsements, and it’s clear that he’s going all in to ensure Messner pulls through, but we still have a few questions ahead of the rally.  Will Trump praise Corky Messner and bring him on stage?

Corky Messner has ensured there is zero space between him and Trump, and even praised the president’s suggestion that coronavirus patients inject bleach as “aspirational.” Trump responded to Messner’s loyalty by demanding the NHGOP fall in line behind Messner or risk losing the state’s first-in-the-nation primary. Will these efforts translate into a rally shout-out for Messner? Will Don Bolduc even be allowed at the event? 

Messner’s primary rival, Don Bolduc, has been repeatedly bullied by Trump and his team, yet he continues to grovel for support from them, even after they barred him from an event this week. Will Bolduc be able to get through Secret Service to even attend the event?  Will Trump send out his goons to attack Bolduc (again)?

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has publicly mocked Bolduc, saying his campaign was “imploding,” and tweeting that his “fundraising sucks.” In response, Bolduc campaigned for Lewandowski’s endorsement, which instead went to Messner. Will Lewandowski savage him in front of the crowd, and will Trump join in?


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