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Three Days After Losing Major Seats, NH GOP Leadership Doubles Down on Trump with Rudy Giuliani

CONCORD, NH — Just days after New Hampshire voters vehemently rejected the extreme positions and candidates of the New Hampshire Republican Party and candidates in a bruising midterm election, the state party’s leadership appeared together in an online live video alongside former personal attorney to disgraced former president Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani, who spearheaded efforts to keep Trump in power by filing dozens of lawsuits to overturn the results of the 2020 election, has recently been the target of a criminal probe in Georgia for his efforts in attempting to overturn the election there.

NH GOP Chair Stephen Stepanek and Vice-Chair Pamela Tucker joined Giuliani in fawning over former President Trump, agreeing with Giuliani at every turn that Trump was the best positioned Republican candidate to win the 2024 primary in New Hampshire.

“Here in New Hampshire, there’s still a huge, huge Trump contingency. There’s Trump 2024 flags all over the State,” Stepanek said, dismissing the ability for Republican primary opponents to be competitive in New Hampshire.

“He brought so many new people in, and those people aren’t there for politics, they believe in him. They’re going to come out and they’re going to vote for him, not because they’re politicians, not because they’re gonna be concerned with the general election. Trump is their man.”

“I don’t think there will be many serious candidates if [Trump] is in the race,” Giuliani said, eliciting no response from NH GOP leadership.

Giuliani’s team also spent time attacking Executive Director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, Niel Levesque, alleging that Levesque had “censored” a panel with Giuliani, leading Tucker to attack several other institutions of higher learning across the state.

When asked if there was anything NH GOP leadership wanted to say to comfort Republicans across New Hampshire following their poor turnout on Tuesday, Vice-Chair Tucker said, “Hey, we still won. We did.”

All three Republican candidates for federal office lost in Tuesday's midterm election, along with several State House seats.

In response to the appearance, NHDP Communications Director Colin Booth released the following statement:

“By making themselves visible front-and-center with one of Trump’s closest allies, the NH GOP have made their priorities known: They want Trump in 2024 and they are sticking to MAGA extremism for as long as they can. It’s clear they have taken the valuable lessons voters handed them on Tuesday and discarded them without a second glance.”


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