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“The Republican Field In New Hampshire Is Filled With Candidates Who Are Little Known Among Voters”

Meanwhile, Bolduc Slams His Opponents for “Spreading Lies” And Trying to “Discredit” Him Because They Know “They Are Going to Lose”

In a new op-ed for Real Clear Politics, Bill Scher, a contributing editor to Politico Magazine, wrote about how “Republicans are not sending their best” to run for US Senate, and that is especially true in the New Hampshire Republican Senate primary which is “filled with candidates who are little known among voters.” Scher noted that, while the majority of the field is made up of unknown candidates, Don Bolduc is leading his primary opponents “with 33% of the primary vote, with nobody else touching 5%.” However, Scher wrote that “if Bolduc gets the nod, Republicans will not be well positioned for a pickup. As the Boston Globe reported, Bolduc ‘is often derided among the political class as an unserious candidate due to his poor fundraising and unsteadiness on the stump, including an incident where Fox News instantly fact-checked him on air.’” With only three months until the September primary, Bolduc’s apparent lead is causing even more chaos and divisions within the primary field. Today, Bolduc accused his opponents of “calling Granite State voters and spreading lies about various campaign positions” that he’s taken in an “attempt to discredit me.” Bolduc added that his opponents “are feeling the pressure and [know] they are going to lose. These [....] dirty tricks [are] expected, but please give them no credibility and advise the caller to stop spreading lies.” This is the first time that a NH GOP Senate candidate has accused his primary opponents of attacking him – but it certainly won’t be the last as the primary gets even messier and more chaotic.


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