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The Claws Are Out: Sununu and Potential Trump-Backed Senate Candidate Wendy Long Attack Each Other

Sununu Calls Long a “Carpetbagger From New York,” Long Fires Back and Says Sununu “Doesn't Know What He's Talking About.”

Wendy Long hasn’t even officially launched her campaign for US Senate yet and is already stirring up chaos in the New Hampshire Republican Party. Long called into the Pulse of NH with Jack Heath this morning specifically to respond to Governor Chris Sununu who called Long “a carpetbagger from New York.” Long was quick to fire back at Sununu, saying, “I'm not even in the race, sounds like somebody is a little worried.” Long added that Sununu “doesn't know what he's talking about.” Ouch! After Long was done swiping at Sununu, she said that she is going to make a decision “within the next couple of weeks” about running for US Senate. Recently, there has been speculation that Long will enter the race and “must be seen as a contender for Trump’s endorsement here” after Donald Trump advisor Corey Lewandowski boosted Long as a potential top pick for Team Trump. Sununu’s decision to go after Long, who would likely get Trump’s support, is the latest sign that there is a growing civil war within the New Hampshire Republican Party. Last month, Lewandowski said he was on a mission for Trump to recruit a Republican to primary Sununu because he has “never been loyal to [Trump]. And, you know, the president really said it would be great if somebody would run against Chris Sununu.” The relationship between Sununu and Trump became more bitter after Sununu called Trump “f***ing crazy” at the Gridiron Dinner, prompting State Representative Al Baldasaro who is one of Trump’s top supporters in the state to call Sununu “a joke.” While Wendy Long continues to mull a Senate bid, her ties to Trump could ignite divisions within the New Hampshire Republican Party, spelling disaster for Republicans in November. Read the transcript of Long’s interview below and listen here. Wendy Long: Yeah. You know, I was kind of surprised to hear what Governor Sununu had to say. Sounds like -- I'm not even in the race, sounds like somebody is a little worried, I'm not sure who it is. [...] Wendy Long: I am seriously looking at it, Jack. I haven't made a decision. I'll be making one soon. But I didn't want to waste a lot of air time or attention until I've made a decision. So that's why you haven't heard from me. But I'm very grateful to Jay and Corey and others who have been very encouraging. Jack Heath: Real quickly, Wendy Long, again, not scheduled, calling in spontaneously, Good Morning, New Hampshire, sounds like a likely U.S. Senate Republican candidate, looking seriously. When would you -- real quick, we only have a minute -- how soon are you making a decision if you run for the U.S. Senate as a Republican here in this primary or not? Wendy Long: I would say, within the next couple of weeks, Jack. Jack Heath: And real quickly, Governor Sununu on the show earlier when I, when I mentioned you as a possible candidate, J-Dawg, can we just real quickly play that clip? Chris Sununu: I don't know this Wendy Long, she doesn't live here. That sounds like a carpetbagger from New York type thing. I don't know anything about that and that individual at all. Nobody does. Jack Heath: So that kind of caught me off guard that he'd so quickly say that, Wendy Long, and again, your reaction to what the governor said. Wendy Long: Well, he admitted it: he doesn't really know. He doesn't know what he's talking about. I do live in Keene and he doesn't know my history. [...]


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