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Sununu Visits McConnell’s Home State of Kentucky While COVID Cases Rise and Vaccination Rates Stall

Why Does Chris Sununu Need to Go to Kentucky?

Concord, N.H. -- Chris Sununu has abandoned New Hampshire for a trip to Mitch McConnell’s home state of Kentucky without telling any members of New Hampshire or Kentucky’s press. Sununu only “announced” the trip after word leaked out. Sununu has not publicly visited a New Hampshire hospital since December. Sununu claims that the trip is a fact-finding effort to see how Kentucky hospitals are dealing with COVID. “Both Memorial Hospital in Conway and Dartmouth-Hitchcock have announced that they are once again taking emergency measures because of the surge in COVID cases. Why isn’t Chris Sununu visiting them? Or visiting Vermont and Maine, both rural states that have surpassed New Hampshire in vaccinating their citizens, reducing the risk of COVID surges,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Sununu needs to answer serious questions about why he is ditching New Hampshire to travel to Mitch McConnell’s home state.” Buckley said Chris Sununu must tell the people of New Hampshire:

  1. Who asked to go to Kentucky and when?

  2. Who paid for the Governor’s trip to Kentucky?

  3. When did Governor Sununu arrive? When will he depart?

  4. For how long has the trip been scheduled?

  5. What are the names of all individuals he met with?

  6. Did he cancel any meetings after word of the trip became public?

  7. Did Chris Sununu or his chief of staff take additional meetings -- including with members of Mitch McConnell’s staff or with political donors tied to McConnell or McConnell’s lieutenant Rick Scott?

  8. Why wasn’t this trip announced to the public before Sununu was forced to confirm it after it leaked to reporters?

New Hampshire has reported as many COVID-19 deaths in the past five days as it had the 45 days before. Additionally, hospitalizations are increasing with the highest rate since April, raising concerns from health care workers as available beds are near max capacity. While COVID deaths and hospitalizations are increasing, New Hampshire’s vaccination rate continues to be last in New England.



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