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Sununu Using Taxpayer Funds For His Reelection Campaign? That’s a Su-No-No.

CONCORD, NH – Yesterday, WMUR’s Adam Sexton reported on Republican state Representative Mike Sylvia’s (R-Belmont) claims that Governor Sununu knowingly cashed a check for his campaign that used taxpayer dollars.

Sylvia is one of the far-right extremists who reportedly harassed members of Gunstock’s management until they collectively resigned, causing Gunstock, one of the biggest drivers of tourism in New Hampshire, to close.

Gunstock is publicly funded by Belknap County taxpayers, and if Sununu were to have used that public funding for his 2020 gubernatorial campaign, that donation could be in violation of campaign finance law.

In response, NHDP spokesperson Monica Venzke has released the following statement:

“As if the situation in Gunstock couldn’t get any messier for Sununu, he is now being accused of using taxpayer money for his own political campaign. Whether it’s the NRA, Eversource, or some other corporation, we’ve known all along that Sununu’s loyalty is easily sold to the highest bidder. When even far-right extremists like Sylvia are attacking your ethics, you know you’ve really screwed up.

Granite Staters deserve to know the truth — did Sununu use our money for his own campaign?”


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