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Sununu Puts His Anti-Public Education Agenda on the National Stage

CONCORD, NH — Yesterday, Governor Sununu was on Fox News, where he boasted about his anti-public education record on the national stage.

Sununu stated that “teachers want to be here,” meanwhile New Hampshire teachers are leaving the profession all together, and citing Sununu’s harmful policies, such as the curriculum ban legislation he signed, as their reasons why. He also touted his harmful school voucher scheme, which has led to skyrocketing property taxes.

Sununu highlighted our education system’s success in “working collaboratively” but the only collaboration taking place has been with Sununu’s twice appointed Commissioner of Education Frank Edelblut, who has been collaborating with far-right extremists groups like Moms For Liberty — the dark money backed group behind the $500 bounty program targeting New Hampshire teachers.

Edelblut is involved with plenty of other far-right, anti-public education groups, including the Government Integrity Project, Americans For Prosperity, and the Free State Project. Even after Edelblut made his ties to these organizations clear, Sununu stated he still had full confidence in him, and undermined the bipartisan calls for Edelblut’s resignation.

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“The idea that Chris Sununu would go on national TV and pretend that he values Granite State teachers and parents is laughable. He, and the absolute failure of an Education Commissioner, Frank Edelblut, have spent their entire careers undermining our public education system and attacking teachers, students, and parents alike.

Sununu is willing to say anything to boost his national profile, and pretending he cares about public education is just his lie of the day. From signing the state’s first abortion ban to pretending he cares about public education, it’s clear Sununu will do anything to further his national ambitions, but will do absolutely nothing to help Granite Staters.”


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