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Sununu is Making Front Pages, But Not In the Way He Wants

Over the weekend, Governor Sununu made headlines for flip-flopping on his anti-choice agenda. Following his remarks on a national podcast, where he declared that he signed an “abortion ban” and that he has “done more on the 'pro-life' issue than anyone,” after spending the year claiming to be pro-choice, Granite Staters are left with the question — how can anyone trust a word Chris Sununu says?

  • Dalia Vidunas of Concord’s Equality Health Center said she had no doubt that the threats to women’s reproductive freedoms in New Hampshire will grow if Republicans retain the majority next year in the New Hampshire House and Senate.

  • Although Chris Sununu, as governor, has maintained he is pro-choice and said he did not like some of the provisions of the new ban, including criminalizing doctors and forced, invasive ultrasounds (the latter of which he plans to repeal by signing passed legislation), Vidunas said if re-elected “we can all but guarantee that Sununu and the Republicans will push their anti-choice agenda as hard as they can and they will continue to lie about it.”

  • Earlier this week, Sununu once again defended the 24-week abortion ban signed into law last year as part of the state budget process. He boasted that he was the first Republican governor in ages to sign such a ban.

  • Just a week earlier, Sununu – a rare Republican who says he supports abortion rights – emphasized in the days after the Supreme Court leak that “I’m a pro-choice governor and as long as I’m governor, we’re going to remain a pro-choice state.”

  • State Sen. Tom Sherman, D-Rye, who is running for governor, said he supports a woman's right to choose. He said the decision is between a family and their doctor and government has no place. "The governor signed the abortion ban here and is clearly not pro-choice even though he tries to say he is,' Sherman said. "I am here to defend women's rights and I am a man of my word. I can be trusted to do what I say, not just to say it."

  • [Sununu] has been criticized by Democrats for signing the 24-week abortion ban and just this week reiterated his support for it during an podcast interview.

  • But on a national conservative podcast this week called "Three Martini Lunch," the governor struck a very different tone. He was asked what New Hampshire's abortion laws would be if lawmakers said they would give him what he wants. "Look, I'm the first governor in 40 years to sign an abortion ban," Sununu said. "Republican governors before me never signed that. I've done more on the pro-life issue, if you will, than anyone."

  • "Last week, he's saying he's pro-choice. This week he's saying he's pro-life," [Dr. Tom] Sherman said. "It's a complete flip-flop, but it's not a surprise coming from this governor, from Sununu. Bottom line is he can't be trusted."


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