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Sununu is Failing Granite Staters Seeking Addiction Treatment

CONCORD, NH — Today The Center Square reported that, under Governor Sununu’s watch, over 90% of Medicaid-funded treatments for opioid addictions in New Hampshire do not meet federal standards and completely underserves Granite Staters. Their failure to adhere to these standards will cost New Hampshire nearly $8 million to the federal government.

In response, NHDP spokesperson Monica Venzke released the following statement:

"This audit is just another example of how severely Governor Sununu is failing Granite Staters. Under his watch, Granite Staters trying to seek treatment are receiving inadequate care that doesn't meet quality standards and doesn’t even comply with the law. People who are seeking treatment through Medicaid, and are expecting follow-up counseling and long-term recovery plans, are being completely and utterly failed. He’s left some of New Hampshire’s most vulnerable behind.

Sununu is busy trying to build his national profile and has completely abandoned Granite Staters, and we’re all paying the price.”


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