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Sununu Embarks on National Media Tour to Try to Rewrite Record Of Failure On COVID-19

Today, in a sit down with the Washington Post, Governor Chris Sununu attempted once again to rewrite his real record of failing the Granite State in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

But despite the show he tried to put on for the national media, here’s a refresher on his real record on the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Sununu ardently opposes the American Rescue Plan and even proudly claimed he “would be a ‘no’ vote”…but still brags about programs that wouldn’t be funded without Democrats’ relief bill (and even personally cashed in on the federal aid).

  • Sununu failed to prevent or mitigate the tragic COVID outbreak at the New Hampshire Veterans Home that resulted in the deaths of 37 veterans and then attempted to cover up this failure with a sham report.

  • Under Sununu’s leadership, New Hampshire has consistently lagged behind other New England states in vaccination rate and has the highest rate of vaccine wasting of any New England state.

  • Sununu prioritized his family’s business interests ahead of teachers and college students in New Hampshire’s vaccination rollout.

  • Sununu didn’t issue a mask mandate until August 2020 -- months after most other states and all New England states already had.



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