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Sununu Continues Anti-Choice Candidate Tour of New England

CONCORD, NH — Although Governor Chris Sununu is the governor of New Hampshire, he has been traversing New England to campaign for a variety of anti-choice Republicans running for governor.

Sununu started in Connecticut to campaign with Bob Stefanowski, who supports abortion restrictions, then yesterday made his way to Maine to support Paul LePage, who defunded Planned Parenthood, has attended many anti-choice rallies, and opposes abortion all together. It looks like his next tour stop will be in Massachusetts, where he’ll be campaigning for another anti-choice candidate, Chris Doughty.

Meanwhile, here in New Hampshire, Granite Staters are calling on Sununu to take action to protect reproductive health care in the state. Instead, he’s visiting the rest of New England, which all have abortion rights enshrined into their state law already.

In response, NHDP spokesperson Monica Venzke released the following statement:

“Governor Sununu is far removed from being a pro-choice governor, and him leaving the Granite State to campaign for his anti-choice buddies makes that clear as day. From anti-choice extremist Paul LePage to Chris Doughty, who has repeatedly expressed his anti-choice views, Sununu is aligning himself with fellow Republican gubernatorial candidates who are clearly not pro-choice at all.

Instead of heeding the repeated calls to take any action to codify abortion rights into law here in New Hampshire, even though Maine, Massachusetts, and every other state in New England have already enshrined these rights into law, Sununu is practically fleeing the state to further build his national profile and hide from the growing backlash from Granite State Democrats and Republicans alike.”


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