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Sununu Bashes Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal That Will Deliver For New Hampshire

This morning in an interview with Jack Heath, Chris Sununu bashed the bipartisan infrastructure deal that is set to expand high-speed internet to Granite Staters and deliver much-needed investments in New Hampshire’ highways, roads and bridges while strengthening coastal resiliency efforts for the Granite State’s coastal communities.

The bipartisan infrastructure deal also includes investments in programs that could expand passenger rail in New Hampshire — which Sununu has vigorously opposed for years.

During the interview, Sununu spread a number of falsehoods about the bill — which has the support of a significant number of Republican senators. Read what Sununu said below and listen here.

This is the latest example of Sununu voicing his opposition to popular legislation that will positively impact New Hampshire. In February, Sununu said he would have sided with Mitch McConnell and voted “no” on the American Rescue Plan and with it stimulus checks and tax cuts for families, funds to help students get back to school, and resources to jumpstart the economy.

Read what Sununu said below:

HEATH [00:06:14] Governor, we're going to let you go after this because I know your schedule. But real quickly, we had Senator Maggie Hassan on the show last week talking about the infrastructure bill it expects, it looks like it will be voted on in the Senate this week. She's one of the Democratic senators working with the Republicans and she stressed bipartisanship on this infrastructure bill. I further asked her, though, beyond the infrastructure bill, if it passes as is or expect to do on reconciliation, which a lot of people in the public don't know. But on other budget reconciliation items, if it was all Democrat driven by the Democratic Party with no Republican support, would she be open to any additional spending on reconciliation? And she basically said she would be she look at some of it were areas she feels are still needed. Do you think we need any reconciliation budget spending beyond this infrastructure bill?

SUNUNU [00:06:59]:


I don't know, it's 2,700 pages. I haven't read it. I don't know exactly where the money's going. I hope it is actually in infrastructure. A lot of times they say infrastructure, it's really not. Beyond that, people have to understand we got 28 trillion in debt. Show me how we're going to pay for this without burdening America with the bill for four generations and generations. So I just I guess I would leave it as to say, look, I have concerns on any spending coming out of Washington.


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