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Sununu Backpedals from GOP Donor Accused of Sexual Assault, Misconduct

Asked about his personal ties to Spofford… Sununu at first claimed not to have spoken to Spofford for several years. In fact, Sununu appeared beside Spofford last summer"

CONCORD, NH – On Tuesday, New Hampshire Public Radio broke a groundbreaking story investigating GOP donor Eric Spofford for multiple accusations of sexual assault and misconduct by employees and clients of the addiction treatment company he founded.

In addition to being a prolific donor to New Hampshire Republicans, Spofford has touted his close relationship with high-ranking government officials as part of his background, saying “I know the governor [Chris Sununu] personally,” according to NHPR. Since 2019, Spofford’s company has received over $3 million in no-bid contracts by the Sununu Administration.

Just this past July, Sununu said that Spofford is “one of the first guys [he’ll] pick up the phone” for, while standing alongside him at an event.

  • When questioned about his relationship with Spofford, Sununu immediately tried to put distance between them, falsely claiming that he hasn’t “spoken to Stafford for several years”.

  • When reminded of their appearance together in July, Sununu feigned ignorance, claiming he couldn’t remember, while also admitting he attended a “fundraising event” at Spofford’s house.

In response to Sununu’s questionable answer regarding his relationship with Spofford, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“The fact that Chris Sununu’s first instinct, when asked about Eric Spofford, was to lie raises a lot of questions. The despicable conduct that Republican donor Spofford is accused of is incredibly disturbing, and Sununu needs to do better than playing dumb about an individual he was clearly close with. Sununu awarded this Republican donor millions of tax-payer dollars in contracts, and Granite Staters deserve to know what Sununu knew and when he knew it.”


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