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Sununu Announces He Is Leaving New Hampshire – Again

On Good Morning NH With Jack Heath, Sununu Said He’s Headed to Vegas

On The Pulse of NH's Good Morning with Jack Heath, Chris Sununu announced that he’s planning to leave New Hampshire — again — next month to go to Las Vegas, Nevada for an event with NRSC Chair Rick Scott, Senator Ted Cruz, and other high profile Republicans. “Chris Sununu is once again putting his political ambitions ahead of New Hampshire at a time when our vaccination rate is stagnant, COVID clusters are disrupting our schools and straining our health care system, and our state’s GDP growth is falling behind the rest of the country,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Sununu is clearly more focused on jet setting around the country to meet with national Republican donors than doing what’s necessary to get New Hampshire through the next wave of this pandemic.” This is Sununu’s fourth trip out of state after leaving New Hampshire to go on a secretive trip to Mitch McConnell’s home state of Kentucky, taking a four-day junket to California in September and then campaigning for fringe, anti-choice extremist Paul LePage this month in Maine. Sununu’s excursions around the country come as New Hampshire continues to see an ongoing surge in COVID cases disrupting schools, the state’s vaccination rate trails the rest of New England, and New Hampshire’s GDP growth ranking dropped from third to 32nd. Listen to the interview here and read the transcript below: HEATH: [00:05:48] Governor, you recently went to California to keynote the the Republican annual convention. You're going to Maine to help former Governor LePage, someone you worked with, any more out-of-state state trips coming up? And does that sort of when people to think that you are looking at a bigger political stage than governor or not? SUNUNU: [00:06:04] Oh no. Yeah. No, no. Look, I go out of state. I'm going out of state to talk to the National Republican Jewish Coalition, out west at some point. I, look, I'm a third-term governor. I'm getting a lot of invitations to spend more time talking to different folks. It has. I don't talk to fundraisers. We don't raise money. We're not talking about that stuff. People ask me as, if I'm running for Senate at these events, as much as you guys asked me here and I just tell them that I really, really haven't made that decision yet. But no, there's nothing political there other than just trying to help good organizations or good candidates and in their races or whatever it is. But you know, we're doing really well in this state. We really are. So every once in a while, I might take a trip to help somebody out. Background:

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