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Sununu and the NH GOP Are Bad For Business

CONCORD, NH – This week, CNBC released their 2022 “Top States for Business” list. New Hampshire is ranked 35th.

CNBC has released their “Top States for Business” every year since 2007, and New Hampshire’s lowest rankings have come in the last two years, coming in at the bottom third of all states. In almost all of the categories, New Hampshire ranked “mediocre or worse.

In the “Infrastructure” category, New Hampshire ranked 47th. In “Technology & Innovation,” New Hampshire ranked 39th. In “Cost of Living,” 37th. In “Access to Capital,” the Granite State was ranked at the very bleak 48th spot.

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“In the last two years, we’ve seen New Hampshire’s ranking plummet. With ‘leaders’ like Chris Sununu and Jason Osborne steering the ship, it's no wonder why companies are looking elsewhere to create jobs and why in-state businesses are struggling.

The question Granite Staters have to ask themselves is this: is New Hampshire getting better under Chris Sununu and Republicans in Concord? Without a doubt, the answer is no. Hopefully Sununu, Osborne, and their fellow Republican cronies will use all the free time they will have after November to figure out what it takes to actually run a business and how to actually support Granite Staters.

Republican leadership is just bad for business, and Granite Staters know that. This November, we’re going to elect leaders like Dr. Tom Sherman who are going to support New Hampshire business and grow our economy.”


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