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Sununu Admits to Texting With Anti-Vax Protestors, Says He Has No Regrets About Enabling Anti Vaxxer

During Press Conference, Sununu Refuses to Take Anti-Vaccine Mob Seriously: "I wouldn't say it's troubling"

CONCORD -- At his press conference today, Sununu shrugged off the extremists who halted the work of state government this morning, saying that "I wouldn't say it's troubling" and that the state had “the flexibility to take a pause.” Sununu also admitted that he texted and had personal conversations with many of the anti-vaxx extremists in the room, and said, “I never regret a conversation” — making clear he has no remorse for enabling the anti-vax mob. While Sununu did not find the disruption “troubling,” the Council’s failure to meet will have real-world consequences for Granite Staters. By blocking the meeting, protesters blocked the Executive Council from approving contracts, not just for vaccination funds, but opioid treatment for pregnant women, critical health care treatment for children in limbo — and swearing in State Representative-Elect Catherine Rombeau. “It is alarming that Chris Sununu has no regrets about enabling the anti-vax mob who attacked New Hampshire’s democracy today and even admitted to texting with the extremists. An angry mob, emboldened by Chris Sununu’s actions and rhetoric, forced the Executive Council to cancel their meeting and delayed the approval of critical funding to get more Granite Staters vaccinated,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “New Hampshire’s democracy was attacked today by extremists — and it is deeply troubling that Chris Sununu doesn’t find that troubling.” WATCH: Sununu on the anti-vaccine mob that shut down Executive Council "I wouldn't say it's troubling.” WATCH: Sununu says he doesn’t regret enabling protesters, admits that he has texted with many of the extremists in the room. Transcript: Josh Rogers, NHPR: “One of the more vehement people this morning was somebody that had been in touch with your office. Your chief of staff had a call, made time to have a call with her. Is that, I mean, is that something that, that you regret? Or are you think, you need to rethink you reach out to people who have…” Chris Sununu: “No, look I’ve talked to a lot of people in that room. I’ve personally had conversations whether texting conversations or phone conversations, with individuals in that room. And most of the individuals in that room were okay, there were just a few that were just really crossed a line. We have the flexibility to take a step back, but no I never regret having a conversation with folks about it.”


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