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STATEMENT: Sununu Continues to Misrepresent Reproductive Rights in New Hampshire on CNN

CONCORD, NH — Yesterday morning, Governor Sununu was on CNN where he stated that reproductive health care is “a states’ issue now, and every state is going to try to really find their path." In response, NHDP spokesperson Monica Venzke has released the following statement:

“No matter how much he tries to hide it, Sununu has shown time and time again that he will always cower to the NH GOP’s extreme anti-choice agenda and that Granite Staters cannot trust a word he says. On CNN, he claimed abortion will remain legal in New Hampshire, yet on a national conservative podcast he touted the fact that he signed ‘an abortion ban’ and has ‘done more on the pro-life issue than anyone.’

While Sununu is busy trying to build his national profile, Granite Staters are terrified that they’re going to lose access to abortion. We need a governor we can trust, and that has never been Chris Sununu.”


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