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Statement: NHDP Chair Ray Buckley on Trump’s Big Lie Endorsement of Sununu’s Potential Senate Run

This evening on the Howie Carr Show, former President Trump issued a toxic endorsement of Chris Sununu’s potential campaign for US Senate in which he repeated lies about massive voter fraud in New Hampshire. In response, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement: “Chris Sununu should be embarrassed to receive such a toxic endorsement from Donald Trump. While backing Sununu’s potential Senate candidacy, Trump profoundly insulted the integrity of our elections and our state’s proud tradition of democracy. It’s no surprise that just like Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump is now backing Chris Sununu — both know that Sununu would be another yes vote for their toxic agenda. This endorsement is an insult to our state and Chris Sununu should reject it — but I’m not holding my breath.”


CARR: Let me ask you about New Hampshire. As you know, Chris Sununu, the governor, he's- you know, John Sununu, his father, he was the governor. TRUMP: Yea CARR: Should he run for the Senate against Maggie Hassan next year? He's been ahead in some polls actually over the Democrat. TRUMP: I’d like to see him- look, I'd like to see him run. I think we did really well in New Hampshire. I think that was one of the states, that was another one that was, something went wrong. And they did, you saw the the work that they did. They found out tremendous amounts of corruption in that election in the area that you know so well. It's great. And I knew we did well in that area and we won that area and they said we lost it. Now they found out we won it. It's a disgrace. So, you know, I'm not exactly thrilled about it. I, I've always felt we won New Hampshire. I think so did you. But I think that he probably would poll the highest.


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