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STATEMENT: NH GOP Tries and Fails to Mislead Voters About Their Extreme, Anti-Choice Agenda

On the second anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to repeal Roe v. Wade, the New Hampshire Republican Party today held an election-year stunt where they tried to mislead voters and distance themselves from their extreme, well-documented, anti-choice agenda. In response, NHDP spokesperson Gates MacPherson released the following statement:

“No election year stunt or spin can change the indisputable fact that New Hampshire Republicans have used their majorities to vilify reproductive health care, propose draconian abortion bans, and kill legislation designed to safeguard abortion access. The NH GOP is clearly afraid of the electoral backlash from their relentless attacks on Granite Staters’ reproductive rights — and they should be, considering the overwhelming majority of voters support expanding reproductive freedom and protecting access to abortion.

“Each election cycle has served as a referendum on the NH GOP’s anti-choice policies, and this year is no exception. Democrats will continue to hold Donald Trump, Kelly Ayotte, and NH Republicans accountable for their anti-choice agendas and tell voters across the state about our unwavering commitment to protecting and expanding reproductive freedom in New Hampshire.”


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