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Concord, NH – Today, the New Hampshire Senate Democratic Caucus convened for the first time since Tuesday’s election to elect a new Democratic Leader. As required by statute, NHDP Chairman Raymond Buckley chaired the meeting. The ten Democratic Senators and Senators-elect unanimously elected Senator Donna Soucy (D-Manchester), to be the New Hampshire Senate’s Democratic Leader. Senator Cindy Rosenwald was appointed Deputy Democratic Leader. Leader Donna Soucy issued the following statement at the conclusion of the caucus: “It has been my honor to serve as Senate President for the last two years, and I am honored and humbled to be elected Leader as we head into this new session,” said newly elected Democratic Leader Donna Soucy. “Although the majority has shifted, this caucus is excited to get back to work. Democrats in the State Senate have been laser-focused on the issues most pertinent to New Hampshire families over the last two years –– from fighting to protect health care access to building back our economy. And as we turn our heads towards recovery in the post-pandemic world, that focus will be more important than ever. "I know I speak for all of my fellow Senate Democrats when I say we are ready to work with our Republican colleagues to continue fighting for Granite State families. In the midst of a global pandemic and worsening divisiveness in our politics and issues across the country, bipartisan collaboration is even more important here at home. I look forward to working together with all our Senate colleagues to deliver for New Hampshire.” Elections for State Senate were held on Tuesday, November 3. In the 24 member State Senate, ten Democrats were delivered victories on Tuesday. In Senate Districts 9, 11, and 12, margins were so thin that the Secretary of State has been asked to conduct recounts in each.



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