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Shocking Videos Surface of Arrested NH GOP Rep Describing Violent Urges

Rep. Jeff Greeson was arrested last week for assaulting a member of the Wentworth Highway Department

CONCORD, NH — Multiple shocking videos have surfaced of NH GOP State Representative Jeff Greeson following his arrest last week stemming from footage depicting him screaming and assaulting a civil servant of the Wentworth Highway Department operating a snow plow. In the newly surfaced videos Rep. Greeson — pastor at the Wentworth Baptist Church — is seen delivering a sermon describing his “out of control” tendency towards violence, saying in his recent past he was “fully prepared to murder at least 3 people” in “premeditated self-defense.” Full videos can be found on Greeson’s YouTube page.

Video of the original confrontation has gone viral prompting coverage from across the world, including: People Magazine, The Associated Press, Boston Globe, CBS Boston, ABC, Daily Beast, WDBJ (Virginia), New York Post, NBC15 (Wisconsin), Politics Video Channel, WFSB (Connecticut) , ABC7 (Florida), RawStory, Daily Kos.


“I’m speaking of myself here, I know what I’m capable of, I think I’ve shared with you before, before I was 10 years old I was fully prepared to have murdered at least three people. Not killed them… it would have been self-defense. Premeditated self-defense… I thank God that he kept me from doing it… If you want to see an example of someone who was out of control, go look at Jeffrey Greeson age 10 and under. It didn’t get much better until about 47.” (Greeson, YouTube, 5/2/21, 18:00 mark)

“Can you imagine punching someone in the face, like you really want to? They make you mad and you punch them? Everybody, you will be a TikTok star if you are that christian that punches someone else. Mark it down, someone will be recording it. You can see absolutely no one for hundreds of miles around and lo and behold someone’s got that super-zoom on their iPhone and they’re gonna wait watch this guy *POW* watch it again *POW* watch it again *POW* and you’re gonna have ten billion zooms overnight, you are a sensation for being the christian who lost their cool and punched someone in the face.” (Greeson, Youtube, 5/2/21, 17:10 mark)

“If you can imagine you catch someone walking out the store with your child wouldn’t you just break into a sprint and tackle that person and pound their face into the pavement until someone peels you off… I know someones going to have to peel me off… if they tried to take one of my kids or one of my grandkids, they are going to have peel me off. That person is going to be blood splatter all over the pavement.” (Greeson, Youtube, 4/6/21, 2:30 mark)


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