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SHADE ALERT: After Kevin Smith Campaigns in Salem, Morse Hosts Campaign Event in Smith's Hometown

Chuck Morse just threw even more shade at Kevin Smith.

Morse is hosting one of his first campaign events today in Londonderry — Kevin Smith’s hometown — with State Senator Sharon Carson. Morse’s event comes one day after Smith not-so-subtly hosted a campaign event in Salem, which is Morse’s hometown.

This is just the latest example of how the “crazy,” “complicated,”and “messy” NH GOP Senate primary is heating up.

At the beginning of the month, Morse kicked off his campaign launch by being introduced by Ovide Lamontagne — an extreme, anti-choice Republican who defeated Kevin Smith in the 2012 Republican gubernatorial primary. Morse’s senior campaign advisor also hit Smith for his long career as a GOP political operative, saying Morse is “not a political hack.”

Political pundits accurately predicted that the Republican primary will be “crazy,” “complicated,” “heated,” and “messy.” Even Karoline Leavitt, a Republican running in the CD1 primary acknowledged that the NH GOP Senate primary is “contentious.”


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