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Seacoast Current: Seacoast Leaders Slam Sununu’s Budget in Portsmouth, NH

By Kimberley Haas

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Democratic leaders gathered in Portsmouth, NH on Thursday to host a press conference where they discussed what they call Gov. Chris Sununu's "extreme, anti-choice" budget.

With a pregnant State Sen. Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, D-Portsmouth, standing behind her, reproductive rights advocate Stefany Shaheen said it is important that the citizens of New Hampshire understand what Sununu signed on June 25.

"It is outrageous. And it is out of step with New Hampshire. By Gov. Sununu choosing to sign this extreme budget, he has made it very clear he's not interested in listening to the voices of women, of their families, or of doctors in New Hampshire," Shaheen said.

Sununu's $13.5 billion two-year state budget has been widely criticized for the Fetal Life Protection Act which restricts abortion rights in the "Live Free or Die" state.

That has become a hot topic and the source of content for political ads, especially since abortions are prohibited under the act at or after 24 weeks gestation, except in cases of "medical emergency."

The act also requires all people seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound.


Perkins Kwoka, who has served with Shaheen on Portsmouth's city council, also spoke and said Sununu "has shown his true colors as an anti-choice extremist."

"A woman is the best person to make decisions about pregnancy, in consultation with her doctor. She feels that connection to the pregnancy. She cares for the baby before and after any known difficulties in pregnancy. Worries before and after any good or bad news and lives with every decision she makes as a parent during or after a pregnancy," Perkins Kwoka said.

Perkins Kwoka said she is 31 and a half weeks pregnant. She said she takes the abortion restrictions personally and seriously.

Perkins Kwoka's statements can be seen at the beginning of the video above.



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