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Salon Highlights Governor Sununu’s Opposition to the Bipartisan Infrastructure

In case you missed it, yesterday Salon reported on how — by opposing the bipartisan infrastructure deal — Governor Sununu has aligned himself with the most extreme elements of his party and put himself at odds with the 19 Republican Senators who supported the legislation. Over the past two weeks, the Governor has repeatedly bashed the bill. While Senators Shaheen and Hassan work across the aisle to deliver results for Granite Staters, Governor Sununu is busy opposing bipartisan legislation that would repair New Hampshire roads and bridges, expand high-speed internet access, and create thousands of jobs. Read the full story from Salon here. Salon: GOP Senate Candidates Backed Trump in Trashing Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

By Igor Derysh Key Excerpts:

  • The bill will also provide billions to help New Hampshire repair and improve its roads and bridges, expand affordable broadband, and boost its power grid and water infrastructure. But Gov. Chris Sununu, who plans to run against incumbent Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan next year, dismissed the legislation during a radio interview this month even as he acknowledged he hadn't read it.

  • "I don't know exactly where the money's going," Sununu said. "I hope it is actually in infrastructure. A lot of times they say infrastructure, it's really not. Beyond that, people have to understand we got $28 trillion in debt. Show me how we're going to pay for this without burdening America with the bill for generations and generations."

  • Hassan, who was one of the bipartisan negotiators, touted her work on the bill, noting that she directly negotiated $492 million to protect coastal communities and wildlife and $491 million to protect shorelines from erosion and flooding. She was also directly involved in negotiations to include $42 billion to expand affordable broadband, at least $100 million of which will go to her state, and a $1 billion program to improve local cybersecurity. The package also included Hassan's Railroad Rehabilitation and Financing Innovation Act, which aims to direct loans to develop passenger railroads in New Hampshire and elsewhere. The Senate likewise included Hassan's amendment to ensure her state would be eligible for an advanced technology grant program that can be used to remove PFAS from drinking water.

  • "It's a truly historic bill," Hassan said on Twitter, "and it's a testament to what we can do when we come together to find common ground."

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