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ROUNDUP: NH House Dems Close the Gap With 2 Pickups in Recounts

CONCORD, NH — In case you missed it, following the recounts of several State House races, Democrats flipped two seats, closing the gap between Democrats and Republicans to 200 Republican Seats to 199 Democratic seats, with a Wednesday morning recount ending in a tie.

Maxine Mosley, Democratic candidate for State House in Manchester Ward 6, flipped the seat for Democrats on Monday after the recount showed she defeated Republican Rep. Larry Gagne. On Tuesday, Democrat Eamon Kelley won for Coos District 7 by two votes in a recount, defeating Republican John Greer of Carroll.

  • Vote recounts to figure out who holds the majority in the 400-member New Hampshire House wrapped up Tuesday night.

  • In four recounts Tuesday, Republicans held two seats while Democrats held one and flipped one. This puts the current balance of power in the House at 201 for the Republicans and 199 for the Democrats.

  • For the second day in a row, a contested House race flipped to a Democrat in a recount, leaving Republicans clinging to a two-seat majority with more than a dozen recounts to go.

  • After Tuesday’s recount, incumbent Berlin Democrat Eamon Kelley won by two votes, 2,452-2,450, over Republican John Greer of Carroll.

  • Recounts underway in Concord have flipped a second state rep seat from the Republicans to the Democrats, pushing the NH House even closer to an even split between the parties.

  • Kelley's win, combined with a Monday flip in Hillsborough County District 16 (Manchester Ward 6), means the Republicans now appear to hold a 201-199 majority.

  • Incumbent Eamon Kelley, D-Berlin, finished four votes behind challenger John Greer, R-Carroll, but after Tuesday’s recount, Kelley emerged with a two-vote win.

  • The 33-year-old will represent the communities of Berlin, Carroll, Jefferson, Kilkenny and Whitefield.

  • In a statement, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley said about the recount result, “We are excited to hear that Rep. Eamon Kelley has been re-elected following today’s recount. Rep. Kelley has been a champion for the people of Berlin, and we’re thrilled to hear that he’ll be fighting for them in Concord again.”


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