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ROUNDUP: New Hampshire Falls Out Of Top Ten States For COVID Vaccinations

Sununu Launches Political Criticism of President Biden’s Vaccination Mandate, Offers No Plan to Fix His Failed Vaccination Rollout As NH’s Vaccination Rate Remains Last in New England

Today, as New Hampshire’s vaccination rate continues to fall behind the rest of New England and the daily total of COVID cases surpasses this same time last year, Chris Sununu launched a purely political attack against President Biden’s effort to get more Granite Staters vaccinated. In his statement, Sununu offered partisan rhetoric, but no plan to fix his failed vaccination rollout or increase New Hampshire’s stalled vaccination rate. “Weeks ago Chris Sununu threw up his hands in defeat in the face of COVID and said the state’s role in the pandemic was over. Now, with daily cases increasing in New Hampshire, instead of offering New Hampshire a plan, he’s launching political attacks against President Biden’s plan to address the rising Delta variant,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Instead of offering Granite Staters a plan to increase New Hampshire’s lagging vaccination rate, Chris Sununu is more focused on scoring political points with Mitch McConnell and national Republicans.” For months, Sununu has been under fire for turning New Hampshire’s vaccination campaign into an effort to promote himself. Against his own administration’s advice, Sununu made himself the star of taxpayer-funded vaccination ads. The ads have been largely ineffective — and resulted in New Hampshire’s vaccination rate being last in New England and increasingly falling behind the rest of the nation. Background:


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