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Roundup: Following This Week’s Two-Year Anniversary of the Dobbs Decision, Leaders Across New Hampshire Call Out Kelly Ayotte’s Extreme Anti-Choice Reco

On the heels of this week’s two-year anniversary of the Dobbs decision, leaders across New Hampshire once again reminded Granite Staters of former U.S. Senator and Republican candidate for governor Kelly Ayotte’s extensive and extremist record on reproductive freedom, as well as the stakes of this November’s race for governor. 

Read comments from leaders across the state below: 

  • “During her time as a U.S. senator, Ayotte led the effort to enact a national abortion ban and voted for the Blunt amendment, which would have enabled employers and insurers to decline coverage of birth control, IVF treatments, and more. She also voted repeatedly to cut funding from Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of reproductive health care services both nationally and here in New Hampshire.”

  • “After being voted out of the U.S. Senate by Granite Staters in 2016, Ayotte built upon her anti-choice record, shepherding then-Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch through his Senate confirmation. He is an anti-choice conservative who, during his confirmation hearing, implied Roe was a settled “precedent” that had been ‘reaffirmed.’”

  • “As voters consider who will best serve them as the next governor of New Hampshire, I urge them to recall how they felt when Roe v. Wade was overturned nearly two years ago. Anti-choice politicians are going to continue to tell you that your reproductive rights are not at risk. If the Dobbs decision taught us anything, it’s that we should judge them by their record, not by their false promises.”

  • Senator Maggie Hassan at a rally on the anniversary of the overturning of Roe v Wade - an event that would not have occurred if not for Donald Trump and Kelly Ayotte's efforts to stack the Court with anti-choice extremists: “In our state, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kelly Ayotte helped lead the push for a national abortion ban and called for the overturning of Roe v. Wade.”

  • New Hampshire State Representative Alexis Simpson: “Kelly Ayotte’s extreme record of defunding Planned Parenthood underscores why Granite Staters can’t trust her: she will undercut women’s access to reproductive healthcare and gut existing funding for healthcare services as a whole. Ayotte’s ongoing fight to further restrict and defund healthcare clinics ultimately threatens women’s health across our entire state, which is why Granite State women know they can’t trust Kelly Ayotte, despite her last-minute attempts to re-write her extensive anti-choice record.” 

  • Former New Hampshire House Speaker Terie Norelli: “Whether you are trying to start a family through IVF or trying to fill a birth control prescription, Kelly Ayotte wants to restrict reproductive freedom and insert politicians into decisions that should be left up to Granite State women. Instead of explaining her extreme and harmful votes, Ayotte has chosen to lie and mislead Granite Staters whose access to health care and whose most fundamental freedoms hang in the balance. But Ayotte’s record speaks louder than her false promises, and no one believes she wouldn’t take aim at reproductive freedom the first chance she got if elected governor.” 


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