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ROUNDUP: Democrats Sweep Local Elections on Town Meeting Day

On Tuesday’s Town Meeting Day, Democrats swept town elections across the state. From the North Country to the Seacoast, voters came out in droves to defeat warrant articles touting the Big Lie and the NH GOP's extreme, anti-public education candidates.

Coming on the heels of Democrats’ overwhelming wins in last year’s municipal elections and three consecutive special elections wins, it’s clear that New Hampshire Democrats are continuing to build the momentum to win big this November and beyond. Read more:

  • New Hampshire’s 2022 school board elections were supposed to be proving grounds for conservative frustrations around school policies, from spending to COVID-19-related restrictions to teachings about racial justice and diversity.

  • Instead, Tuesday’s local elections appeared to deliver broad victories for progressive public school advocates, who argued against what they characterized as threats to traditional public schools from the right. In total, 29 candidates designated by progressive organizers as “pro-public education” won Tuesday night, many in traditionally conservative towns like Brookline and Londonderry.

  • A newly animated movement to eliminate ballot counting machines in New Hampshire stalled out this week at the State House and in town elections, where the issue was on the ballot in about a dozen communities. On Wednesday, the House Election Law Committee unanimously voted against a bill that would have required all future elections in New Hampshire to be hand counted. And the day before, voters across the state rejected similar mandates at the local level.


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