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Ron DeSantis Tries to Hide Extreme Abortion Agenda in New Hampshire

MANCHESTER, NH — Less than 24 hours after signing one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country into law, Ron DeSantis made ZERO mentions of his new ban while in New Hampshire.

“Of course Ron DeSantis would try to hide his anti-choice agenda from Granite Staters after he signed his extreme ban behind closed doors and in the dark of night. While he tries to hide his record as he works to out-MAGA the field, he and the rest of the 2024 Republican contenders can count on being held accountable for their dangerous threats to women’s health care and personal freedom here in New Hampshire,” said NHDP spokesperson Aida Ross.

In a closed-door signing announced at 11:00pm last night, DeSantis signed a law in Florida that bans abortion before many women even know they are pregnant. After making zero mentions of the ban during his speech at conservative Liberty University this morning, it’s clear that DeSantis is desperate to hide his anti-choice record from Granite Staters too.


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