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Republicans in CD-02 Race to the Right on Jack Heath

CONCORD, NH — This morning, Republican candidates in New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District were vying for the coveted Trump endorsement on the Pulse of NH debate, bickering with each other, and racing as far-right as possible.

In addition to the anti-public education comments and staggering hypocrisy on PPP loans, all three candidates highlighted their extreme anti-choice agendas and their alliance to Trump. Bob Burns reaffirmed his support of a federal abortion ban, Lily Tang Williams expressed support of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and George Hansel backed the Executive Council’s decision to defund Planned Parenthood and strip the most vulnerable Granite Staters of affordable reproductive health care.

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“The winner of this morning’s debate, was yet again, Congresswoman Annie Kuster. As laughable as it was to listen to these candidates fight and name call like children, the biggest takeaway from this debate was that none of these extremists are fit for office.

While Congresswoman Kuster is delivering real results for Granite Staters, and working across the aisle to do it, her opponents spent two eye-rolling hours spouting dangerous misinformation, gross hypocrisy, and straight up lies.”


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