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Rep. Chris Pappas: America’s future will be made in New Hampshire

In case you missed it, the Union Leader published an op-ed by Congressman Chris Pappas on American manufacturing and the crucial role the Granite State plays in it. As a member of the committee working on comprehensive legislation to boost American manufacturing and competitiveness, Congressman Pappas is ensuring that New Hampshire will be at the forefront of this effort to create good-paying jobs and boost the economy. Union Leader: Rep. Chris Pappas: America’s future will be made in New Hampshire

Since the start of America’s industrial revolution, New Hampshire has played a vital role in domestic manufacturing and innovation. Along the Merrimack River still sit many of the mills that once out-produced the world in textile manufacturing. Through innovations in machinery and production, powered by forces of nature, the Granite State rose to lead the world nearly two centuries ago. Today we sit at the precipice of another revolution in manufacturing and are poised to lead once again with the right policies to help our businesses and our workers thrive.

The innovations of today will look different than before. Instead of mills and water power, tomorrow’s technology will take the form of microchips, high-speed internet, and lines of computer code. But while the technology differs, the constant has been and always will be the American worker and entrepreneur who, when given the tools and the resources to dream big, will always deliver.

Last week, members of the committee negotiating a compromise domestic manufacturing and competitiveness bill between the House and Senate versions of this legislation met in Washington. As a member of this committee, I’m committed to being New Hampshire’s voice in this process. That’s why I’m fighting for legislation that bolsters New Hampshire’s economy, supports small businesses and workers and will ensure America outcompetes China and the world for years to come. That means working together, taking the best ideas from Republicans and Democrats, and building consensus to get this done for our state, country, and future. We must leave politics at the door and put the interests of Granite Staters and Americans first.

I’ve seen first-hand the cutting-edge work being done by manufacturers across New Hampshire. Our old mills now house technology companies producing artificial organs and advanced prosthetics for wounded warriors. In Merrimack a world leader in nanotube manufacturing is producing technology that is currently orbiting Jupiter and will one day help put the first woman on the moon. In Manchester, precision parts for the next generation of nuclear submarines are rolling off the assembly line. And in Rochester the components of safer, more energy efficient air travel is being built alongside technology that will help our country and allies defeat the forces of oppression and totalitarianism


These are just some examples of the many manufacturers choosing to make their products right here in New Hampshire, with impacts being felt across our country, our world, and our universe. And with the legislation I’m working to negotiate, we are ready to attract even more businesses and to create even more jobs that will help us out-compete China and pave the way for future prosperity and growth.

The package will accelerate U.S. production of critical semiconductor chips, strengthen supply chains by making more goods in America, increase our research capacity to lead the technologies of the future, and sharpen our global edge. The House version of the bill, the America COMPETES Act, also includes legislation I introduced and led to strengthen “Made in America” provisions and support small manufacturers and rural businesses. These are common sense, bipartisan provisions that I will work to keep in the final bill.

Not only will this legislation help us ensure the long-term success of our economy, but it will also allow us to navigate the pandemic’s economic fallout, overcome supply-side challenges, and lower costs for families and businesses.

This is a critical debate about the future of our economy, and we can’t let politics and partisanship cloud this process. That’s why I’ll fight for the best outcomes for Granite State businesses and workers so that America can win the century and New Hampshire can help lead the way.


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