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REMINDER: Trump Broke Promises to Protect Granite Staters’ Health Care

CONCORD, NH — Donald Trump will say whatever he needs to on the campaign trail, but when it comes to protecting Granite Staters’ health care access, he has broken every promise he’s made and failed to deliver lower costs. Meanwhile, President Biden and New Hampshire Democrats have actually taken on Big Pharma and won – working to lower prescription drug prices, expand health care access, and strengthen programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Here are some of Donald Trump’s broken promises:

CAMPAIGN PROMISE: Trump promised to protect Medicaid while campaigning in New Hampshire in 2015.

REALITY: In office, Trump pushed for funding cuts to Medicaid — the lifeline for over 250,000 Granite Staters — after promising not to on the campaign trail.

CAMPAIGN PROMISE: Trump promised New Hampshire that he would “easily” take care of Medicare and Social Security without supporting cuts to the programs.

REALITY: Trump proposed cuts to Medicare, which hundreds of thousands of Granite Staters rely on, every year in office.

CAMPAIGN PROMISE: Trump promised Granite Staters that he’d bring in “much less expensive, much better health care.”

REALITY: Trump led the charge as MAGA Republicans tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would have ended the ACA’s protections for as many as 600,000 Granite Staters with preexisting conditions.


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