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REMINDER: As Senator Hassan Touts Gas Tax Holiday in New Ad, Her Republican Opponents All Oppose It

Senator Hassan’s campaign released its first campaign ad of 2022 today, touting Senator Hassan’s proposal to suspend the gas tax for the rest of the year and provide Granite Staters much-needed relief at the pump. The ad serves as just the latest reminder that Senator Hassan’s GOP opponents have made opposing a gas tax holiday a central part of their campaigns. Just minutes after the ad went public, Senator Hassan’s opponents took to Twitter to double down on their opposition to lowering costs for Granite Staters. This toxic position is nothing new for Chuck Morse, Kevin Smith, and Don Bolduc, who have all attacked Senator Hassan for leading the fight to lower gas prices and are following Mitch McConnell’s lead in opposing a gas tax holiday:

  • Chuck Morse has even gone as far as to personally block a state gas tax holiday. Two days after McConnell and Washington Republicans blocked immediate passage of Senator Hassan’s proposal, Chuck Morse killed an amendment to create a state gas tax holiday — ensuring that "the pain at the pump will continue” for Granite Staters.

  • Kevin Smith has also made his opposition to a gas tax holiday the focal point of his campaign. Smith criticized the proposal at a GOP press conference and then was blasted by a fellow Republican who supports the idea. Smith’s opposition is so extreme that he defended Vladimir Putin, saying Putin is not to blame for causing gas prices to skyrocket by launching a war in Ukraine.

  • Don Bolduc has also repeatedly made it clear that he opposes Senator Hassan’s proposal to suspend the gas tax.

The contrast could not be more clear: Senator Hassan is working to lower the price at the pump for New Hampshire families while her GOP opponents continue to oppose solutions to lower costs for Granite Staters.


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