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RELEASE: Under Sununu, New Hampshire Just One of Six States Where COVID Cases Aren’t Decreasing

Concord, N.H. -- New Hampshire is just one of six states where COVID cases are not decreasing, according to new reports. The number of COVID cases in a majority of states across the country have decreased while New Hampshire -- which continues to fall behind other states in vaccination rates -- has not seen a decrease in cases. According to updated data from Bloomberg News, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York have all moved ahead of New Hampshire in per capita vaccinations. Vermont’s vaccination rate is 18.9 percent, Maine’s is 19.03 percent, Massachusetts’s is 17.6 percent, Connecticut’s is 20.7 percent, and New York’s is 17.3 percent. Meanwhile, New Hampshire has administered only 16 vaccines per 100 people and has vaccinated barely over half of our long-term care facilities. “The longer it takes for New Hampshire to see a decrease in COVID cases and an increase in people getting vaccinated, the longer we will face the severe effects of this pandemic on our communities and our economy,” said Senator Cindy Rosenwald. “While Governor Sununu continues to paint a rosy picture of how New Hampshire is dealing with the pandemic, the data say otherwise. If the Governor wants our state to get through this crisis sooner rather than later, he needs to take responsibility for his failed vaccine rollout, finally unveil the new vaccine registration system so people know they will be able to register without issues, and get Granite Staters the vaccine now.”



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