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RELEASE: Sununu “Would Be A No” for Relief for Small Businesses, Public Schools in American Rescue..

Concord, N.H. -- Last week, Democrats in Congress passed the American Rescue Plan, which will provide billions of dollars in federal relief for New Hampshire for financial assistance for small businesses and funding for public schools. The American Rescue Plan includes new PPP loans and Emergency Impact Disaster Loans, plus $1.25 billion to aid performance venues and $125 billion for public K-12 schools to reopen safely -- including $350 million for public schools in New Hampshire. But last month, Chris Sununu made clear that if he was in the Senate, he “would be a no vote” and would have sided with the Kochs and Washington Republicans to block this much-needed relief for New Hampshire. Sununu also recently proposed a budget that eliminated funding for the Small Business Development Center and cut general and educational fund spending. “Help is here for the Granite State, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the hard work of our federal delegation for working with Democrats in Congress to pass the American Rescue Plan,” said State Representative Mary Heath. “Unfortunately, through his recent statements, budget, and legislative priorities, Sununu has made clear that public schools and small businesses are on their own when it comes to navigating the pandemic. While Governor Sununu is leaving schools and small businesses behind, our federal delegation is fighting for them.”



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