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RELEASE: Sununu “Would Be A No” for Expanded Unemployment Insurance and Housing Assistance Funding

Concord, N.H. -- Last week, Democrats in Congress passed the American Rescue Plan, which will provide billions of dollars in federal relief for New Hampshire, including millions for expanded unemployment benefits and rental housing assistance.

The American Rescue Plan includes an additional $300 in federal expanded unemployment insurance benefits through the summer -- which comes to $17 million a week for struggling Granite Staters, and it allocates $27.4 billion for rental housing assistance, including $152 million for New Hampshire. But last month, Chris Sununu made clear that if he was in the Senate, he “would be a no vote” and would have sided with the Kochs and Washington Republicans to block this much-needed relief for New Hampshire.

“Because of the work of our federal delegation, Granite Staters will receive much-needed relief for unemployment insurance and rental housing assistance -- which are two issues that the COVID pandemic has exacerbated,” said Senator Rebecca Perkins Kwoka. “While Democrats are tackling these issues at the state and federal level, it’s discouraging that Governor Sununu would have voted against extra funding to solve these problems that impact so many people in our state.”



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