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RELEASE: Sununu’s NHGOP in Disarray

Concord, N.H. -- The NHGOP’s State Committee meeting ended abruptly following four hours of “chaos and infighting” that prevented the committee from voting on a platform and electing officers, making it clear that Sununu’s Republican Party is in disarray. According to WMUR, the meeting had a “mutinous tone” from members who felt that they were being “shut out,” by the leaders of the party running the meeting. This is the latest example of disarray in Sununu’s NHGOP as it becomes infiltrated by those more loyal to Trump than the Republican Party. While Sununu continues to try and appease the Trumpists in his party by perpetuating Trump’s claims of voter fraud in New Hampshire and “duck[ing] questions” over whether or not Donald Trump should be convicted in his impeachment trial, he has faced a backlash from members of his party over his handling of the COVID crisis, some going as far as to call for his impeachment. Sununu responded to the members who refused to follow his COVID policies by calling them “stupid.” “It’s one thing that the NHGOP couldn’t figure out how to hold a meeting over Zoom, but the fact that there is so much infighting within the NHGOP means that Chris Sununu is in for a bumpy two years from members of his own party,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley.



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