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RELEASE: Sununu’s Failure to Put Country Before Party Has Never Been So Deliberate – or Dangerous

Instead of Condemning Trump for Inciting Attacks on U.S. Capitol, Sununu Echoes Unfounded Claims of Election Fraud

Concord, N.H. – Every other New England Republican Governor called for President Donald Trump’s removal from office for inciting a violent mob that stormed the United States Capitol, but Governor Chris Sununu has refused to even condemn the President’s actions. Even worse, he actually echoed Trump’s dangerous claims about election integrity. In his inaugural address, Sununu said: "Across the country many states found their systems in turmoil, adding confusion and chaos to an already deepening public health crisis.” The “turmoil” Sununu cites is not, of course, the result of voter fraud, since “there is not and has not been any credible evidence of significant fraud in the 2020 election.” That “turmoil” is the result of President Trump and all those who enable him -- like Governor Sununu -- and their deliberate attempt to undermine faith in our democracy. “Sununu’s refusal to condemn Trump’s actions underscore that he is more worried about his political future than our country,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “Not only is he refusing to call for Trump’s removal from office like every other New England Republican Governor has done, but he’s actually perpetuating Trump's false claims of voter fraud. It’s hard to imagine a greater failure of leadership.”



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