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RELEASE: Sununu Refuses to Ask Nashua GOP to Uninvite Gaetz from Fundraiser

Concord, N.H. -- WMUR’s John DiStaso reported that Governor Sununu is all talk and no action when he says the New Hampshire GOP should not hold a fundraiser with disgraced Congressman Matt Gaetz. It turns out Sununu has refused to actually ask the Nashua Republican City Committee to disinvite Gaetz. According to WMUR, “Neither Sununu, nor anyone from his office nor anyone from the New Hampshire Republican Party has contacted [Di Lothrop, the Nashua GOP committee vice chair] to personally ask that the invitation be rescinded.” When WMUR asked Sununu’s office if he had asked anyone in the Nashua Republican City Committee to rescind the invitation or if he intended to do so, they received no response. Gaetz is currently under FBI investigation for sex trafficking involving a minor, which prompted calls from Granite Staters to tell Sununu and the NH GOP to disinvite him from the fundraiser. However, Sununu and the NH GOP have refused to ask the Nashua Republican City Committee to disinvite Gaetz, and Nashua Republicans have doubled down on their decision to include Gaetz in the fundraiser while parroting far-right conspiracy theories to defend Gaetz.

“It’s absolutely disgraceful that Chris Sununu seems to be too cowardly to stand up to Washington Republicans and the far right and pick up the phone to call on the Nashua GOP to disinvite Matt Gaetz from coming to New Hampshire this summer, even though he is under FBI investigation for sex trafficking,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “Chris Sununu’s deference to the extremists in his own party speaks volumes.”



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