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RELEASE: Sununu Bows to Pressure to Stop Letting Non-Residents Get COVID Vaccine, But Still Allows..

State Has Not Said What Will Happen to Non-Residents Who Already Registered For the COVID Vaccine in New Hampshire

Concord, N.H. -- After coming under fire for his decision to allow non-residents who own second homes in New Hampshire -- but are not full-time residents -- to get the vaccine, Governor Sununu is now bowing to pressure to reverse course. However, Under Sununu, ski patrol members are still able to get the vaccine before teachers. The state now says that only New Hampshire residents can receive the COVID vaccine and must show proof of residency to do so. Still, Sununu has not said what will happen to non-residents who are already registered to receive the vaccine. And Sununu has not clarified whether out-of-state ski patrol are still eligible for the vaccine. This abrupt change comes after Sununu faced backlash for letting non-residents and ski patrol members receive the vaccine before teachers, given his and his family’s financial ties to the ski industry and the Waterville Valley ski resort, which is dominated by second homes. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, New Hampshire and New Jersey are the only states that will not vaccinate educators by Phase 1b -- in defiance of CDC guidelines that say Phase 1b of the vaccine rollout should prioritize frontline educators. “Chris Sununu was called out for his blatant corruption and is now bowing to pressure to reverse course on his decision to let the ultra-wealthy, out of staters who own property near his ski resort get the vaccine,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley, “But that absolutely does not change the fact that our teachers and grocery store workers still have to wait behind ski patrol members who work at Sununu’s resort to get the vaccine. Sununu is using the vaccine rollout to benefit himself and his family at the expense of Granite Staters."



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