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RELEASE: Mowers Holds DC Fundraiser Packed With Lobbyists And Trump Staffers

Tomorrow, Matt Mowers is set to hold a fundraiser in DC alongside a group of dark money lobbyists and disgraced Trump administration officials.

In response, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley has released the following statement:

“It didn’t take Matt Mowers long to hop a plane back to his condo in Washington, DC to cozy up with some of DC’s swampiest, most notorious lobbyists and disgraced former Trump officials to beg them for campaign cash. There’s no question why lobbyists and political hacks are lining up to support Mowers: they know if elected, he’d work for them and not the people of New Hampshire. That’s why he’s spending his time hanging around big Pharma lobbyists, crooks, and disgraced members of the Trump administration. Mowers clearly believes that gaining favor with the extreme right-wing influence class in DC is more important than fighting for Granite State families.”

“While Matt Mowers is hobnobbing in Washington with the fringes of Trumpworld, Congressman Chris Pappas is hard at work delivering real results for Granite State families. New Hampshire voters know this and we’re excited to re-elect Congressman Pappas in 2022.”

Attendees at Mower’s fundraiser include:


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