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RELEASE: Joyce Craig’s Debate Victory Proves That The Queen City Is In Good Hands

Manchester, N.H. -- Today, the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce hosted a mayoral debate between Mayor Joyce Craig and Victoria Sullivan. Mayor Craig decisively won the debate.

While Mayor Craig demonstrated that the Queen City is in good hands under her responsible leadership, Victoria Sullivan once again displayed that she is completely unfit for office. Sullivan lost to Mayor Craig in 2019.

In response to Mayor Craig’s victory and Victoria Sullivan’s disastrous debate performance, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley has released the following statement:

“Mayor Joyce Craig won today's debate by a landslide. Victoria Sullivan was so mixed up, she ended up debating herself and she still lost. The Queen City overwhelmingly rejected Sullivan and her dangerous ideologies two years ago -- we’re on track to do it again. Since her loss in 2019, she has aligned herself with the fringes of her party and extreme right-wing conspiracy theorists. During this debate, those disgusting conspiracy theories were on full display alongside her disastrous record. Make no mistake, Sullivan’s destructive record in the State Legislature -- which includes voting to defund Planned Parenthood, voting to siphon money away from public education, and voting to rollback protections for LGBTQ+ folks -- has always been out of step with voters in Manchester. In the State Legislature. Sullivan voted against funding for law enforcement, against efforts to combat the opioid crisis, and against legislation to help make Manchester safer. She is completely unfit to hold public office and luckily, she’s on track for another embarrassing defeat.

“We would like to send our congratulations to Mayor Joyce Craig for her debate victory today. Manchester has been well-served under her responsible leadership, and voters know she will continue to guide the Queen City with a steady hand. Our choice is Joyce and we look forward to re-electing her.”


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